Nursery Stores Rock Ltd


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At Nursery Stores we offer a wide variety of everyday essentials, treats and luxuries. We have a well stocked off licence and a wide range of groceries supporting many local producers and growers. 

We offer a free delivery service in the local area, delivering to John Bray Cornish holidays and privately let holiday homes. If you would like an order form please fill out the contact page and we will email one as soon as possible. We will arrange to have the orders delivered to the property on the day of arrival, putting away any chilled and frozen. If you have any queries about this service please phone or email and we will happily assist.


Available at Nursery Stores,

  • Wide variety of local, UK and international Fruit & Veg
  • Great selection of chilled and frozen foods
  • Wide range of beers, wines and spirits
  • Groceries, household, pet supplies,soft drinks and medicines
  • BBQ essentials
  • Free use of wine glasses with wine purchases
  • Free delivery service
  • Please view the about section to see more information on the above.